Bought around the same time I got my RoMac, and ended up as another macropad that I don’t really use. I do like the look of it with the black and white low-profile keycaps, like a small chess board.

It supports low profile switches, and I found this cool sandwhich case made by github/Khord, when searching for information about the macropad. It gives it that extra premium look if you ask me.

The back side of the Chocopad

Kinda regret putting the small plastic bumpers on the back when I look at the photo above.

Get your own

This is designed and owned by, so you can just order from them. They also have a build guide, it’s not the best, as they use pictures from other keyboards to show you what to do in the more generic steps. I think this will make it a bit harder to follow for novices.