The RoMac v2.1

The RoMac v2.1

Another macropad, bought mostly for the aesthetics of the through-hole components. Personally not much to say about this one, but you can safely said it’s inspired by Plaid. And researching a little bit for this page, RoMac stands for The Royal Macropad.

The back side of the RoMac

I also found out that the small acrylic plate that came with the macropad is supposed to be on top of the components and micro controller, that’s why it’s missing in my pictures. It’s fixed now, but I didn’t bother to take new pictures.

One thing I would have done had I designed the RoMac, is to move the push button from the bottom of the board to the top, and put it on the underside. I think that would be more aesthetically pleasing.

Get your own

The RoMac is another board that I have that is sold out most places. Luckily it’s also open-source, so you can order yourself one, visit github/TheRoyalSweatshirt . There is also an extremely detailed build guide (maybe too detailed?).