The keyboard that got me hooked to this hobby. It’s a 10 button split board, meaning that there is one button for each finger. Using the ASETNIOP layout, you’re able to type every letter. I haven’t really put the effort in to learn it myself, but I made FreshKeebInLA as a typing game to at least try to learn.

I mainly bought this for the aesthetic, but it turned out to be a fun soldering project. This in turn introduced me to Bitraf and hand soldering of what I then though were really small components.

The back side of the Ginny

Get your own

Ginny is made by Jane Bernhardt aka Germ aka g Heavy Industries. You can buy the Ginny as a kit, partial, or ready made! A kit means that everything needs to be soldered by you, not that hard, but there are some small components. Partial is when the components are soldered, and you just need to add some switches and keycaps. Lastly you have ready made, where everyhing is done for you (the easiest choice).

She has also made a Ginny Heavy, weighing 1KG, made of industrial steel! Pretty cool!

The front side of the Ginny