This one was picked up while I visited Tokyo and Yusha Kobo in 2019. At that time I wasn’t sure I would be this invested in the hobby, and thought it would be a fun little project. The day after I bought the Meishi2 I ended up going back and buy myself an Ergodash Mini.

The back side of the Meishi2

The board hasn’t seen much use by me, as I don’t really see the need for a macropad. However, I do like the look of them, so there will be more macropads on this site.

For now it lets me easily take a screenshot and turn on/off HazeOver. The other two buttons are just there for show.

Get your own

I’m not sure where you could buy the Meishi2 (except from Yusha Kobo), but the keyboard is open source, meaning everything you need to order your own PCB is on github/Biacco42. There is no build guide, but it’s a really easy keyboard to build, and you only need four switches, four diodes, a button switch, and a pro micro. The silk print on the PCB tells you where each components goes.